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Frequently asked Questions

  1. What is a professional organizer?                                                                                                  Professional organizer is someone who can provide balance in your home & office, relieving you from clutter and dysfunction, by providing new bright ideas, array of information, and introduction of state of the art products.  Professional organizers assist the area and work directly with you, guiding you through the organization process, while providing encouragement and tips to maintain the final functional area.

  2. What can professional organizer do for me?                                                                                 A Professional Organizer will help you establish goals and will develop a plan of action to obtain each goal, to organize your space, with many ideas, structured organizational systems, and solutions. Organizer can provide practical, useful, concrete information, while teaching a long lasting change in your home environment and your organizational habits. Your organizer is not there just to clear space or to do the work for you. They are there to work with you, toward relieving your frustrations, stress, solving your organizing problems and obtain your goals. Your Organizer can help you elimate clutter and organize your home and or office, teaching you to incorporate organization into your everyday activities.  Professional organizers, work closely with their clients, so we encourage you to talk to the organizer you are thinking of using. You need to feel comfortable working with them, so consider interviewing each potential organizer.

  3. Why Use a Professional Organizer?                                                                                                Experts estimate that we spend 60 hours a year just looking for things! In today's hectic, fast-paced world it can be difficult to find time for ourselves. Organizers set up systems that work for you. Make your life more convenient, comfortable and easy. Professional Organizers work directly with you to change your life so you have more time for the things your really want. Banish piles of paper, have a filing system that really works, deal with mail quickly and decisively. Learn how to use your time more effectively – get more enjoyment out of your life. Lots of people need help staying focused and staying motivated when they would rather be doing something else that they enjoy. Not everyone has a talent for organization. A professional organizer will keep you on task and make the job faster and less of a chore. They will know different ways to help you get organized that will make organizing less stressful

  4. How do I know if I need a Professional Organizer?                                                                        Do you constantly look for lost or misplaced items?Do you find yourself buying replacements for things because you can’[t find them?  Do you keep quest from even looking in your guest room? Do you meet your guest before arriving to the front door? Do you regularly pay late fees on bills, library books, and movie rentals?  Do you have belongings that you haven’t used in years?  Do you sometimes wash clothes twice because you can’t remember which pile is clean?  Do you frequently buy dinner because facing the clutter in the kitchen is too overwhelming?  Do you move clutter from one spot to another in an attempting to clean?  Do you feel anxious and stressed in your own home?  Do you argue with people in your household about the clutter and disorganization?  Do you feel so overwhelmed that you simply doesn’t know where to begin? 

  5. I’ve always been disorganized, is there really hope for me?                                                       By working directly with the Professional Organizer, you will learn basic principals and formulas of organizing and teach you how to maintain a useful area. 

  6. Once I have spent all this time and energy getting organized, will I stay organized?                That is a hard question to answer. Some organizers will say that once you are taught how to be organized you will stay organized the rest of your life –like once you have learned to ride a bike you never forget. We have found that this is true for some people and not true for others. We have seen some of our clients stay organized for months and years, then a life crisis hits and they need our help again (for a little while). We have had clients that need follow up help, be it every few months or once a month. Once you are organized and you have been taught the how and why of organization is always easier to stay organized either on your own or with our help.

  7. Will a professional organizer make me throw away all my stuff?                                              NO! The Organizer will come in and assess the area and it’s need, learn what you want the out come to be.  The Organizer will then suggest a game plan and work directly with the client to determine what will go and what will stay.  The client makes the final decision on what to keep and what you do not what to keep. We have found out that a lot of people just do not know what to keep and what not to keep and are glad to get some advice in this area. Of course, purging is an important part of making more space. The how and why of items you might not need are discussed. We have even had clients that want to get rid of more things than what we would advise you to.

  8. Does the professional organizer do the work or does he/she tell me how to do it?                  This depends on the need of the client and budget.  If the client is just in need of assisted guidance, or needs of directions. Everyone has their own unique goals and we will work as a team to accomplish them. Our professional organizers use a unique four-step process to help guide you as you begin to declutter and organize. First, we talk about WHY you want to declutter and organize your space. We will explore what you've tried in the past, what roadblocks you've found, and how the current state of affairs is impacting you emotionally and financially. From this information, we can develop a personalized plan, unique to you and your needs.  Then we begin decluttering. We'll work side by side, sorting out what to keep and what to pass on.   Now we are ready to organize. Once we know what items you have, need, and value, we can design systems to best manage the space. Maybe you need an extra hanging bar in your closet, maybe you need a new filing system in your home office, maybe you need cubbies for kids to store their belongings. We'll guide you to which solutions will be most helpful for you.  Finally, we plan for maintaining your new "Serene Space." Now that you've experienced having an organized, comfortable living space, you won't want to go back to cluttered chaos. We'll explore routines that could help maintain your home, how to enlist family help, and new ways of thinking about what comes into and stays in your space.

  9. I am very private person.  Will my sessions with a professional organizer be confidential?    Professional Organizer knows not to do or say anything to breach the trust of the client.  In order to properly complete each assignment, the client must be able to gain the trust of their the Organizer.  The Organizer will never do or say anything to breach that trust.  Our clients information is strictly confidential.

  10. I don’t want anyone to know I need an organizer to help me. Who will know?                          As a professional organizer I have my clients sign an agreement that states that any information will be strictly confidential. No one will know you use an organizer and no personal information will be shared. We have clients that are very proud of what they have accomplished and thrown parties for their friends to see their results and we have had clients ask us to have their before and after pictures on our website, it is entirely up to our clients all cases are confidential

  11. How much does a professional organizer charge?                                                                        We charge by the hour. Because we usually work with you the pace that we work at depends on you. Some of our clients want to work and get through an area as fast as possible and others do not want to go that fast.  Based on 1998 NAPO Survey, fees range from $40 an hour to $200 an hour.  Which is based on geographic location, the type of organizing service(s) and the experience of the organizer you are contracting. 

  12. Is the most expensive organizer the best?                                                                                    The best organizer is the one with the most experience, training and one that fits your personality.

  13. How long will it take to get me organized?                                                                                     There is no way of answering this question.  As this is determined by the size of the location, the amount of clutter and how quickly you can determine what to keep or let go.  Working alongside a client, the client sets the pace. If one of our clients needs to read each piece of paper before deciding if it should be kept, it will take longer than if a client says “Throw out any papers before 2000”. Of course, we want you to learn what needs to be kept and what you can let go of. Guidelines can be given to help.

  14. Do you do the same thing as a relocation company?                                                                   No. My Divine Spaces Organizing enhances and adds to their services. We can help you declutter before you move, which means less to move, and less to unpack. We can inventory your items and supervise the move. We can get you settled into your new location. No more looking at unopened boxes setting around. Your belongings will be organized for you. A relocation company will not give you the services we can. We personalize it for you. Of course, we do not replace the relocation company. We can work together to prepare your home for packing and keep you home staged for selling.

  15. What should I do before a professional organizer comes?
    Nothing more than what you normally do. Our organization professional are used to going into homes with all types of organization problems. It is best that the Organizer see where you are having problems. By changing the order of the clutter will affects the way the problem is solved and prevent us from making a the correct suggestions on maintaining.

  16. Can I use a book to get organized?
    There are several good books on organizing and some people can get organized by buying a book and reading it. If you already have bought a book and are still disorganized it has been our experience that if you buy another book it will not help. Well over half of our clients have books on organizing, however, they need some one to help them to stay focused and motivated. 

  17. What is a professional Stager?                                                                                                        Home staging is a process of preparing homes for sale.  Home staging is not interior design but rater a technique used to highlight the best features of the home and down playing home’s less appealing features to create a strong first impression.  Presentation is an important factor for a quick sale.  Staging will produce high quality results and skills

  18. Why do I need a Professional Stager?                                                                                             Real Estate Agents will usually suggest a seller to work with a stager, because he/she feels that the home will not show well in it’s current state. Will allow you to make more money Will sell your house faster Will provide less chances of house staying on market and bigger chance of selling at a better price

  19. What are the benefits of hiring a Stager and what will the Stager do?                                      Staging highlights all positive aspect of the home rather than what needs to be improved, increasing the overall sales price, brings life to rooms that are otherwise dull & empty and entices potential buyers by highlighting a homes best features and make it feel spacious, warm and inviting.  A Professional Stager will  provide affordable and outstanding transformation, prepare home for sale in the competition of real estate market and remove flaws that discourage homebuyers and make rooms more welcoming and inviting.  Leaving a harmonized mood, style and function of furniture/rooms, and a feeling tranquility

  20. Why should I stage my house?                                                                                                        People don’t buy houses, they buy homes, and people usually use their emotions when purchasing.  It’s hard for some buyers to determine the size of a room when there is no furniture in it as an example of how their furniture will fit.  Buyers are influenced by their impressions and feelings.  Staging makes any home look clean, serene, sophisticated and appealing.  Staging camouflage weak spots

  21. What is the process of staging?                                                                                                      The Stager will visit the home, assess the property, taking pictures and compile a report.  Sometimes the Stager will meet with realtors that have visited the home and compare their first impressions of the home.  The Stager will share the report with the selling Agent.  The Agent will then share the report with the seller and then determine if the seller will make the changes or work directly with the Stager to stage the home to be sold. 


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