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Because we work so closely with our clients, we are able to develop a bond of trust.  As a result of this bond, our clients will typically ask us for suggestions for trusted service or product providers.  Since we work in the service industry we have had the opportunity to work with a variety of different types of companies and products to help our clients meet their goals. While doing so we built and fostered strong relationships with several companies and product providers over the years.  The companies and products that stood out to us and our clients were added to My Divine Spaces  Preferred Partners. These companies share our beliefs on providing professional, ethical & confidential services and believe in using sturdy and reliable products,  These companies are customer satisfaction driven and inspired.

Although these companies are preferred by My Divine Spaces, we encourage you to do meet and interview them to make sure that they are a great fit for you.


Our ShelfGenie team will Consult, Design, Build and Install custom, full-extension GlideOut shelves to meet your goals and needs for your kitchen, pantry, bathrooms, closets and existing furniture.  

Love where you live. - Choose from dozens of Solutions designed to turn your kitchen into the most efficient room in your home.

More room for joy - Keep all of your goods organized and within reach with a custom-built arrangement of pull-out shelves.

Relax and organize - Ease into your morning and evening routines with a clean and clear bathroom display.

Call me today for a FREE no obligation to buy consultation at 240-413-744` or by email at

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