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Professional Organizer

TO:               My Divine Spaces


FROM:          Renee B. 


SUBJECT:    Andrea Franklin-Ayres


I have worked with Andrea Franklyn-Ayres for over a year now and have gained a lot of energy from this association.  I was very impressed with how connected she is with life and having the will power to be successful.  She is definitely a master of organization.    She came into the department and supported 3 busy, high maintenance Directors and was successful, when others failed.   Due to her ability to mange, organize and coordinate for several people, she has inspired me to want to become more organized.


I have picked up several attributes from her in an effort to get my personal and professional life in order.  Based on tips she has opted to share, my life is now more credible and easy to manage.    She encouraged me to reduce clutter at work and home and has shared with me, ways to produce a better life.   I have learned from Andrea that being organized produces a healthier and more productive life when the going gets tough.


I will be forever indebted to Andrea.

Home Staging

As the Marketing Specialist for The Hawkins Group at Century 21 Advantage Realty, I was looking to improve our days on market percentage for selling a house.  After meeting with Andrea Franklin I was sure she could stage our clients homes to improve the flow, maximize the space, and accentuate the positive features of the home.  Ms. Franklin was very thorough. Her initial consultation with my clients left them feeling empowered and encouraged to tackle practically all of her recommendations.  With her help they began to transform their home into a more spacious, relaxing, and efficent environment. 


When our clients decided not to sell their home, we sent Ms. Franklin back out to tailor their consultation to their growing family needs.  Her consultation was so thorough it included recommendations for adding on to their home, due to the slowing housing market.


Our clients were so thrilled with her consultation that they have since referred several friends, not only to her, but to their real estate agent that introduced them to this phenominal company.  Since using MDS to stage my clients home, I have noticed a decrease in the days on market, a higher percentage of my homes are receiving their asking price, and I am receiving excellent feedback from sellers, buyers, and other agents that view these properties. 


As an agent, I realize that I am only as good as my team of vendors and the company's I partner with.  I am glad that to be affiliated with a company that shares my values of teamwork, service, and excellence. 


I want to thank Andrea for her professional and speedy responses and welcome her to the Hawkins network.



Yalonda Hawkins


Helping Hands, Professional Organization and Staging for Entertainment


I love working with My Divine Spaces. I first worked with her on a wedding that I was coordinating for a family member.  Andrea helped me organize my ideas, locate vendors & products, and gone out shopping to purchase the supplies.  During our time together she noticed my struggles as a entreprenuer with two small children and a husband.  She began to give me tips on how to manage my time, money, and space more effectively.  


Some of her tips included a wonderful multifunctional slow cooker and Sandra lee's Semi Homemade Slow Cooker cook book.  This allows dinner to cook while I am out and about and provides my family a balanced, home cooked meal.  She also helped me develop a list of activities and places to visit with my children.  This chart can be organized by price, location, and theme.  My children love choosing activities from this spreadsheet which has become somewhat of a game in and of itself. 


I am a do-it-all person, and I often bite off more than I can chew.  Andrea has become my secret weapon to help me make sense of my hectic and sometimes chaotic schedule.  Since I tend to be a dominant personality, Andrea has the firm, yet supportive hand I need to get me through the challenging situations I find myself in.  She has become my go-to-gal on everything organized.  She continues to hold me accountable and makes period visits.  Her fabulous suggestions and plans to help simplify my life have left me with more time for me and my family. 


She also helped me develop a list of activities and places to visit with my children.  This chart can be organized by price, location, and theme.  My children love choosing activities from this spreadsheet which has become somewhat of a game in and of itself. 


My latest project that Andrea was able to get organized was a family trip to the Caribbean, for 2009.  We are so excited and can’t wait to set sail.


Now if I can only work up the nerve to tackle my closet!  Either way, I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.


Best regards,

L. Partee

Staging For Entertaining & Helping Hands


Dear Andrea:

Your assistance this weekend at my client's 50th Birthday party was greatly appreciated.  I was absolutely thrilled that you were able to navigate your schedule to meet my last-minute request.  Without your help, it would have been impossible to pull-together all of the special details that made this event a success for me and my client.  You went to great heights (literally) to help with the interior design space from hanging our Chinese lanterns to becoming a personal shopper for some of our last-minute party needs.  I was extremely impressed by your attention to detail as we set-up the guest tables and lounge areas.  In this fast-paced business, the ability for a business partner with us to hear our vision, see it in their mind, and execute it with minimal supervision is a major plus.  This proved to be true of your service.  Your ability and willingness to go above the call of duty and your commitment to be a team-player will serve your company well.  The rave reviews from my clients have made it a necessity for me to give you a call for our next event.  Keep up the great work.  Much success to you and My Divine Spaces.  We look forward to partnering with you again in the future.

Thank you!



Michelle McKinney, Founder, Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Professional Organization & Event Planning


I have had the distinct pleasure of hiring Andrea Franklin as a contractor to coordinate, organize and manage several vice president’s, director’s and manager’s offices, events and projects.  Andrea masterminded the development of a master file list that she maintained to prevent file duplications that could be used as a key to find documents in little or no time, which enhanced productivity.  Andrea was an enormous help in facilitating the coordination of on and off-site events such as team building, holiday parties and product development celebrations.  Andrea was a significant asset to our organization.

J. Latimer,

Professional Home Organization & Yard Sale Set Up

“Thanks.  It was a pleasure working with My Divine Spaces.  She was polite, punctual & clever.  Andrea came in accessed the space and managed to help me gain control of my sun-room, in little time.  She is a superb cleaner who does not cut corners and she does not need very detailed instructions.”

We later requested her help with a yard-sale set up.  We mostly just needed an extra set of hand but later learned that she has a success proven strategy for setting up the yard-sale.  Genius!

Best wishes,

S. Jones

Professional Organization, New Business Setup & Accountability

To: My Divine Spaces

From: Anonymous

It was an absolute pleasure working with Andrea.  I thought she would be helpful to the start up of my firm, but, to my surprise not only was she helpful she was fast/prompt, precise and extremely professional.  I met with her briefly to share my goals, dreams and desires and in a matter of minutes after meeting with her,  I received an email telling me her plans and a briefly laid out of what she could provide for us,  with a turn around date of 24 hours.  Which I assumed would be more like a week or two deadline, but no, in a few short hours, I received another email with attachments of an Agenda for my next meeting with my partner.  Agenda template for future meetings, draft of a Marketing Budget, an Office Maintenance checklist, a Daily Schedule draft with color coding, a To DO spread sheet with status tracking, priority and leader fields, 2 versions of a weekly status report template (so that my partners and I can report our status of cases and items that are currently being review), emergency contact list template for my staff, 2 versions of an Expense Report, a Master File List Template, Office Supply list, a membership/publication/subscription tracking spreadsheet, frequently called phone list, project planner template, several templates/designs for business cards, stationary & other marketing materials and had drafted the outline for our new website.  Andrea was able to give me numerous contacts for phone,  leads with Marketing and email/website startups, suggested publications, subscriptions that would be helpful to my business.  She has been holding me accountable every since and has helped  me maintain my to do list (in order of priority) and agenda.  Mrs. Franklin was able to give me numerous Marketing suggestions and feed back.

Andrea was able to take my thoughts and ideas of starting a Law Firm and run with it. She provided me with a weeks worth of work in less than 24 hours.  I was sitting around fretting over the fact that I got little done, on my first two full days of working my new firm, when I realized she actually provided me with over a weeks worth of help. These template will save me so much time in research and organization. No wonder she gets paid for what she does. She is the greatest! 

It feels great that I can count on her for anything from templates, organization, feed back at anytime and has been proven to be very responsive even when my partners are not available.  I am not looking forward to the day that she let goes my hand, because I have become somewhat dependent upon her and enjoy working with her almost daily. 

Until then, I look forward to her assisting us in finding a bigger and better location, re-locating & using her organizational skills to set up of the new office and possibly helping us find & train an ideal Assistant


Thank you so much!

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